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Keep Your Feet Fabulous This Summer!

Summer is all about letting loose and having a good time in the sun—running around barefoot, lounging by the pool, vacationing at the beach. However, during these times a vital aspect of self-care often gets neglected: Quite simply, this season can wreak havoc on Read More

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Palm Oil

Palm Oil is derived from the fruit of the Palm Tree. It is originally from West Africa, but can flourish wherever heat and rainfall are abundant. Today, Palm trees are grown through out Africa, Asia, South America, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Malaysia and Indonesia produce Read More

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The Squalane we use is derived from Olives, as it is a natural component of many vegetable oils. It is also part of our skin’s natural oils, or sebum. The levels of Squalane peak in our 20’s and start rapidly decreasing in our 30’s. Read More

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Why use Handmade Soap?

Soap makers are often asked the difference between handmade soap and store bought soap. This is a very good question. Handmade soap is created by a chemical reaction between oils, fats and lye. After the reaction is completed (the reaction is called saponification), a Read More

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