Keep Your Feet Fabulous This Summer!

>>>Keep Your Feet Fabulous This Summer!

Keep Your Feet Fabulous This Summer!

Summer is all about letting loose and having a good time in the sun—running around barefoot, lounging by the pool, vacationing at the beach. However, during these times a vital aspect of self-care often gets neglected: Quite simply, this season can wreak havoc on your feet.

For starters, walking around sans shoes or in your favorite flip-flops exposes your feet to the elements, as well as dirt, fungus, and bacteria. This leads to dry, cracked, and calloused toes that may be as unsightly as they are painful. Add long walks on the beach to the mix, you’ve got another recipe for parched feet: The mixture of sun and sand robs skin of its moisture, leaving heels sandpapery and rough.

To relax your tired feet and get them feeling silky smooth again, first start with a soak! Our Fabulous Foot Soak is made with Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, and organic oats that soothe and nourish skin. Then, pat feet dry and massage on our Fabulous Foot Cream. Available in Lemon Peppermint or Wintergreen, this cream will invigorate and refresh your feet as well as your spirit! And for a quick, odor-busting pick-me-up, spray our Lemon-Peppermint or Wintergreen Foot Freshener in your shoes or directly on your feet.

Hudson Valley Skin Care Fabulous Foot products were developed to nourish and protect your skin. So, go ahead and walk that extra mile on the beach. We’ve got your back—and your feet!