“Goat-To” Face Scrub:

>>>“Goat-To” Face Scrub:

“Goat-To” Face Scrub:



Something for Tweens and Teens…

Polish your skin to perfection! Our Goat-To Face Scrub gently exfoliates using Apricot and Walnut Shell Powder.  Dead skin cells are gently buffed away, leaving skin appearing smoother and brighter.

Available in Grapefruit and Unscented.

Benefits: Skin is gently exfoliated, leaving improved texture and clarity, resulting in a healthy glow.

How To Use:  Apply to damp skin in small, circular motion.  Rinse off and pat dry.  Gentle enough for daily use.

Key Ingredients: Goat’s Milk, Olive Oil, Apricot Shell Powder, Walnut Shell Powder (Click for full ingredient list.)


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Weight 5 oz

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