Make the Most Out of Your Skincare Routine with Vitamin E

Vitamins are valued in skincare for nourishing and keeping skin healthy. Vitamin E can be found in many foods and is one of the top-used ingredients used in skincare. You’ve likely seen this listed on beauty and skincare products, but many people don’t know what it is and what it does for your skin. Let’s change that and give you the low-down on why Vitamin E is something you want in a skincare regimen.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble group of vitamins essential to protecting your skin against free radicals. Free radicals are the molecules in the environment that can damage your skin. This nutrient has anti-inflammatory properties that can support the immune system and cell function and improve your skin health when eaten. With those benefits, it’s no wonder why this antioxidant has been infused into skincare products. 

Vitamin E can be found in natural ingredients such as avocado, pumpkin, and wheat germ oil, all great for internal and external use. Synthetic Vitamin E can come in eight different forms, doubling the vitamin's potency, and it’s called tocopheryl acetate in the ingredient list. While synthetic, it can be more beneficial than products that use the natural Vitamin E as the natural processing has to remove pesticides and chemicals from the plant form, which sometimes isn’t completely removed. Your best bet is to go with all-natural organic vitamin E if you want the good stuff. 

Benefits of Vitamin E

This vitamin is an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties and a wide range of benefits for your skin. Here are a few key benefits that should give you reason enough to use Vitamin E. 

Combats Acne – The anti-inflammatory nature of vitamin E can help prevent acne breakouts. Some acne can cause dark spots and discoloration, and that’s where the anti-oxidative effects of Vitamin E step in. It can be a powerful healing agent and help prevent dark spots and skin from acne and even sun exposure. 

Anti-Aging – Antioxidants are known to be beneficial for anti-aging, and Vitamin E reduces the effects of the free radicals in the environment. Free radicals speed up the aging process, and preventing those from penetrating your skin prevents your skin from aging. 

Heals Skin – Vitamin E can help accelerate your skin’s healing, whether from wounds or prolonged sun exposure. The antioxidant heals the skin and soothes the irritation that comes with it. 

Moisturizes and Protects the Lipid Barrier – Vitamin E can moisturize your skin and help protect the lipid barrier, keeping it intact. It seals cracks that prevent the moisture from escaping. 

Treats Scars and Stretch Marks – Vitamin E has properties that help treat and prevent scarring. It’s also a soothing ingredient that helps smooth skin after injuries or sunburns, and it has also been used to avoid and treat stretch marks. 

Vitamin E should be used with care as some people with skin sensitivities may have skin irritation. For most, Vitamin E is perfectly safe and can have some seriously beneficial qualities. Use moisturizers or oils to introduce Vitamin E to your skin to reap the benefits.