Natural Deodorants Get a Bad Rap, but They Might Just Be the Answer to Your Problems

Deodorant is a daily part of everyone’s hygiene routine and definitely should be. We depend on deodorants to get us through our daily workout routine and help contain those embarrassing odors. Unfortunately, many popular commercial brands of deodorant and antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients, cause skin irritation, and cause health issues. If you care about the elements you introduce to your body, natural deodorants are the answer! 

What Makes Commercial Deodorants Harmful? 

Let’s get into it. For one, let’s revisit the harmful ingredients of commercial deodorants. The most common ingredient found in deodorants and antiperspirants is parabens and aluminum. These ingredients have been said to be absorbed into the skin and may contribute to cancer and even Alzheimer’s (it’s important to note here there are still studies being conducted). 

Not only that, but these chemical-laden deodorants clog up your pores and don’t allow your body to release sweat properly. Believe it or not, your body needs to sweat. It’s how your body removes toxins and cools down your body when you start to overheat. Luckily, it’s not the sweat that makes us smell. It is, after all, just salt and water. The sweat that comes into contact with your body’s natural bacteria on your skin causes odors. 

Those pore-clogging properties also cause skin issues by allowing the sweat to build up under the skin, which causes painful, razor burn-like bumps under the armpits. The sweat build-up can also actually make your body odor smell worse. The more we go on, the more reasons why natural deodorants are the clear solution to healthy odorless armpits. 

What makes natural deodorant so great? 

Natural deodorants are the answer to fighting off odors and allowing your body to sweat. They contain natural odor absorbing natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and cornstarch. Not only that, but instead of using harsh chemicals for fragrances, most natural deodorants opt for light scents by adding essential oils such as lavender, mint, bergamot, and more. 

Using natural ingredients is all around better for your skin. When you use natural deodorant for your underarms, your pores stay clear, allowing the good bacteria to hang out and do their job, which can mean fewer odors even when you’re not wearing deodorant. And when you have less irritated skin, you may not even have to shave as often. 

Suppose you’re thinking about making the switch. In that case, Hudson Valley Skin Care creates a natural deodorant that uses the powerful odor-fighting ingredient arrowroot that comes in a fragrance-free option or lavender and mint infused for a light scent. 

Your body is a temple, and you should take care of every single part by using sustainable natural ingredients. Even your armpits deserve the best care. You’ll experience healthier skin in one of the more sensitive areas of your body. No more pore-clogging ingredients mean the good bacteria can thrive, your body can sweat freely (and odorlessly), and the skin under your arms will be much smoother.