Soap of the Month: Gotta Grow Gardener's Bar Soap

Spring is fast approaching which means we will soon see flower buds popping, leaves returning to the trees, and birds chirping outside of our windows. We’re celebrating the upcoming revival of warmer weather with March’s Soap of the Month: our Gotta Grow Gardener’s Bar Soap. 

We made sure to include all-natural, sweet scents that breathe life into your dreams of sunnier days and blossoming fruits and flowers. Our blend of Organic Grapefruit Oil, Coconut, and Honey provide a soft, beautiful fragrance that’s perfect for the spring months. Their moisturizing components will leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated all year long. 

The penetrating cold of winter can leave behind dry skin and dead skin cells, so it’s important to exfoliate that away as we move into spring. We added Pumice and Wild Hive Farm Organic Oats to our Gotta Grow Bar Soap to leave your skin looking and feeling brand new. These natural ingredients are perfect for those with sensitive skin; they are gentle exfoliators that relieve dry and cracked skin without damaging the skin barrier. 

Spring is a season of new beginnings and regrowth, so why not treat your skin to ingredients that will transform your skin from dry and irritated to healthy and soft.