Soap of the Month: Grateful Hippy Patchouli

Woodstock may have been 54 years ago, but we’re still celebrating this infamous New York Music Festival with August’s Soap of the Month: our Grateful Hippy Patchouli Bar Soap. This rich, musky, spicy-scented bar soap is perfect for celebrating this time of peace and harmony brought about by music. 

Patchouli is a flowering plant a part of the mint family. Its leaves are extremely fragrant and are used to treat fungal skin infections and eczema. Patchouli Oil can also increase collagen production, leaving your skin softer and healthier. 

We’re keeping the spirit of Woodstock alive with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients from right here in the Hudson Valley. We obtain our oats from a local farm and mill, Wild Hive Farm. They’re the perfect ingredient for gently exfoliating the skin without causing any damage to the skin barrier. These are great for treating various skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and overall dryness in the skin. 

If you’re still celebrating Woodstock 54 years later, our Grateful Hippy Patchouli Bar Soap is perfect for you.