Soap of the Month: Lavender

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and love wafting through the air, it’s important to incorporate some self-care into this month too. Set aside some time to unwind and treat yourself and your skin with February’s Soap of the Month: our Lavender Bar Soap

Lavender is the perfect scent for those looking to relax and take a break from the sometimes hectic and tumultuous day-to-day of their life. Lavender is a fresh, herbal scent with soft, smoky, floral notes. This naturally sweet scent has been known to reduce feelings of anxiety or stress and promote a sense of peace. This essential oil will relax and rejuvenate both you and your skin. 

Our bar soaps are all-natural and contain only the most hydrating and cleansing ingredients. Saponified Oils of Olive are the first ingredient in this bar soap. This ingredient has a number of benefits like soothing irritated, sensitive skin, fighting the effects of aging, and repairing damaged skin tissue thanks to their potent antioxidants and fatty acids. It also deep cleanses your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing. 

Our blend of Coconut, Shea Butter, and Castor Oil work to hydrate your skin and soothe any inflammation. Antioxidants like Vitamin A and E help fight breakouts and penetrate your skin with moisture so you don’t have to worry about dry skin this winter. 

Lastly, we included Wild Hive Organic Oats. Oats are immensely soothing and nourishing on the skin, and can help you combat dry or irritated skin. At Hudson Valley Skin Care, we are proud of the local aspect of our skincare. We obtain our oats naturally and locally through Wild Hive Farm, a Hudson Valley farm and mill. Oats help to increase collagen production while acting as a natural exfoliator. 

During this month of celebrating love, don’t forget to celebrate and love yourself. Treating yourself to a night of self-care with this relaxing, healing Lavender Bar Soap is just one way to practice s.