Soap of the Month: Lavender Geranium Goat-To Bar Soap

The old mantra rings true: April showers bring May flowers. Now that this month has begun, you may notice flowers blossoming after so many months without their natural beauty, and fruits finally seeing their season. We’re honoring this month of revival with May’s Soap of the Month: Lavender Geranium. This sweet and fresh floral scent will leave you feeling just as brand new and alive as the newly blossomed plants encompassing the world around us. 

Lavender and Geranium Oils are the key ingredients that make this bar soap smell so sweet, but that’s not their only job. These two essential oils work together in harmony to soothe and relieve irritated skin while boosting its natural glow. They can also fight against the effects of harsh weather conditions, making them the perfect blend of ingredients to heal your skin from the winter months that so recently departed. 

Goat’s Milk is another key ingredient in this bar soap. We love this skincare element for its richness in nutrients, its ability to fight and prevent acne, and its cleansing components. Hudson Valley Skin Care is all about creating skincare products that are gentle enough to work on all skin types, with ingredients that are curated right from our home. Goat’s Milk is one of the most gentle exfoliators on the market thanks to the naturally occurring Lactic Acid in it that removes the top layer of dead skin to leave it looking refreshed and smooth. 

Ring in Spring the right way with this natural, floral-scented bar soap with only the best ingredients.