Your Skin’s New Best Friend: Provitamin B5

Provitamin B5 also referred to as Panthenol, is a potent vitamin that is part of the B-Complex family. This fantastic moisturizer acts as a humectant to attract moisture and hold on to it and as an emollient that soothes and softens the skin. It can also reduce inflammation and skin irritation and speed up the healing process of burns and scars. It's no wonder Panthenol is a popular ingredient used in skincare!

What exactly is Provitamin B5?

Let's talk a little about the science of Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is a water-soluble essential nutrient and is found in all living things, plants and animals, and is an important component of hair and skin. It is vital for hormone production and converting fats, proteins, and carbs into energy for your metabolism. 

Vitamin B is unstable and difficult to use in skin care products in its pure form. That's where science comes in; Provitamin B5 or Panthenol is created by extracting the alcohol from the pantothenic acid. Now, it's Provitamin B5 and easy to absorb quickly, and your body works magic to convert it back to Vitamin B5. The circle of life. 

Benefits of Provitamin B5 

There's a reason Provitamin B5 makes its way into so many skin and hair care products, and it's not just because it's versatile and mixes well with many other powerful moisturizers. Here are the main benefits of Provitamin B5 for your hair and skin. 

It's a Humectant 

Humectants are incredible substances that attract moisture to your skin and lock it in. It protects your skin's barrier from free radicals, prevents it from drying out, and reduces irritation and discomfort. 

It Heals and Protects 

With the same boost protecting your skin's barrier, Provitamin B5 also promotes healing wounds and sunburns. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, and reparative qualities often found in after-sun lotions, insect bite care, and tattoo care creams. 

Prevents Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

Partnered with retaining moisture in your skin, Provitamin B5 also helps stimulate cells that boost the barrier's function and create a more substantial, healthier skin barrier. 

Healthy Aging 

This vitamin can soothe, soften and improve the skin's elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Can Anyone Use Provitamin B5?

Because Provitamin B5 is a natural ingredient, just about anyone can benefit from using it. It is suited for all skin types, and its primary benefit is moisturizing, as well as skin barrier protection, and can increase hydration in dry, sensitive skin types. 

It can be used by anyone with dry, itchy skin or uncomfortable skin ailments. It's the perfect assistant for nourishing the skin after a treatment involving needles on the skin (laser treatments etc.). 

Overall, Provitamin B5 should be added to your skincare routine. The great news is that this friendly moisturizer can be found in various products, so take your pick!