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Available in our best-selling Lavender and Citrus Blends

Shampoo $0.035/g

Conditoner $0.03/g

Body Wash $0.025/g

Body Lotion $0.04/g

Foaming Hand Soap $0.34/g

What to Expect

Make sure to completely clean the bottle you plan on bringing to refill. We recommend glass, as it's easiest to clean. We also recommend wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol before bringing it in.

HV Refillery is located at 10 Charles St. in Pleasant Valley, NY. Once you've arrived, our refillery is located in Suite 3, or the third door with the sunflower welcome mat!

Once you've arrived to Hudson Valley Refillery, a team member will assist you through the process.

You'll be able to pick which items you want refilled, and a team member will take it from there.

A gram is so small! Let's break down our pricing.

At Hudson Valley Refillery, our bulk prices are about 15% less than what you would pay for a pre-packaged bottle of your favorite Hudson Valley Skin Care product.

For example, a 500 gram bottle of Body Wash retails for $15, which is $0.03 per gram.

500 grams of the Body Wash refill cost $0.025 per gram. That's $12.50 per bottle!

Refills available only in person.

No! Any clean bottle or jar will do the trick.

Common Refillery Questions

A refillery is a retail store that allows customers to fill their own used, clean containers with everyday essentials. Refilleries are all about reducing plastic waste consumption and carbon footprint by eliminating single-use plastic containers.

We believe refilleries are the future of sustainability - and for good reason!

Refilleries eliminate single-use plastics by allowing consumers to refill their used plastic bottles. This also helps us reduce our carbon footprint left by shipping out products.

Sustainability is taken to a new level at Hudson Valley Refillery.

In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, all of our products are produced in the same facility that they are sold out of. From formulating, to manufacturing, to refilling, everything is done right from our own lab.

This not only reduces our plastic waste, but also our carbon footprint!