All About the Liquid Gold of Skincare: Argan Oil

Dozens of oils are used in the skincare industry, and each oil provides different benefits that are great for your beauty routine. Today, we're talking about an oil known as Liquid Gold: Argan Oil. Argan Oil is a deeply moisturizing oil loved by all skin types; its popularity makes it one of those skincare ingredients you can find in many products on the market. So, what makes Argan Oil so great?

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is derived from the nuts of Argan trees in Morocco and is a popular oil used in many skin and hair care products. This ingredient is expressed through a cold-press process using no heat. The demand for Argan Oil has increased concerns about over-harvesting and deforestation, so when using this product, try to stick with the brands that use fair trade, sustainably produced Argan Oil. 

Argan Oil can be mixed into face and body creams, shampoos, and conditioners or sold on its own. You can use it topically to help improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails, and it has several benefits for all skin types.

Benefits of Argan Oil in Skin and Hair Care

There is a long list of skin benefits of Argan Oil, thanks to the high level of vitamins, oleic and linoleic acids. Argan Oil is rich and moisturizing. 

Prevents Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Argan Oil is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants essential to fighting free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution, and chemicals. Argan Oil's prevention of free radical damage aids in the skin's elasticity, which slows the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Its highly nourishing effects help reduce the appearance of your already existing wrinkles. 

Softens Skin – It's a wonderful treatment for rough, flaky skin, and its higher oleic acid content makes it the perfect solution. It acts as an emollient that binds your skin cells and doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling. 

Conditions Hair and Boosts Shine – It makes a great hair conditioner because it is so moisturizing. Argan Oil penetrates hair follicles easier than other oils, making it easily absorbed, helping make your hair shiny without leaving a greasy residue. 

Calms Redness and Fades Hyperpigmentation - Argan Oil is packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and linoleic acid to help heal your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and soothe inflammation. 

How to Use Argan Oil

You're probably already using Argan Oil without knowing it. Many skincare products contain this ingredient, especially body butters, lotions, face, and hair products. 

You can also use Argan Oil on its own, helping treat multiple different skin needs. Our favorite way to use it is after applying your body lotion to help add a layer of moisture and lock in hydration. You can also use it after shaving to prevent razor burn, in your hair to tame frizz and split ends, on your cuticles, and anywhere else that your skin needs a little TLC.

You can find this "liquid gold" in several Hudson Valley Skin Care products like our Body LotionsConditionersFace Oil, and more. We also carry 100% Organic Argan Oil for those who want pure, potent Argan Oil. However you choose to incorporate using this oil, your skin will thank you for it.