Power of Our Community

Whether you grew up here or are just visiting upstate New York, the Hudson Valley will surely leave its mark on you. Beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, and farmer's markets make it impossible to forget this magical valley. 

The Hudson Valley is a special place filled with hundreds of talented makers and creators. Each town is full of beautiful art and agriculture that powers our community. At Hudson Valley Skin Care, it only made sense that we source our favorite ingredients from all around the Hudson Valley. We eat local, shop local, and are local, so we incorporate a piece of what makes the Hudson Valley what it is in our products.

Learn about our current locally sourced ingredients, where they come from, and their skin benefits.

Oats: Wildhive Farm - located in Clinton Corners, NY

You know we love our Oats because they're in almost every single product! Colloidal Oats is a multi-functional ingredient with tons of skin benefits. Colloidal Oats contain both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, working as a skin protectant to prevent water loss and moisturize the skin. Nourishing properties work to soothe irritated skin, making it the perfect ingredient for sensitive and dry skin as well as conditions like eczema. Seriously a star ingredient!

Sunflower Seed Oil: HV Cold-pressed Oils - located in Pleasant Valley, NY

Sunflower Seed Oil has SO many benefits, so we're just going to name a few. Sunflower Seed Oil contains vitamins A, C, and D along with fatty acids that can act as antioxidants to help regenerate new skin cells and get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Its emollient properties help your skin retain its moisture and reduce signs of aging. Sunflower Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which helps to protect and keep your skin hydrated. 

Beer: Hyde Park Brewing Co - located in Hyde Park, NY

Beer is such a surprisingly skin-beneficial ingredient, especially in soap! This is because hops contain amino acids, which are fantastic to moisturize and soften skin. The polyphenols in hops are thought to also help combat skin redness and irritation. Additionally, beer typically contains a healthy serving of Vitamin B, which can help moisturize your skin. Since Vitamin B is an antioxidant, its easily absorbed by the skin. 

Honey: Hummingbird Ranch - located in Salt Point, NY

Honey is one of our favorite skincare ingredients ever, which is why you can find it in a lot of our products next to Oats. Honey contains antibacterial and antiseptic abilities, making it a great ingredient for oily and acne-prone skin. Since honey is also a natural humectant; it helps keep the skin moist but not oily. This is because humectants draw moisture from the skin without replacing it to add hydration and maintain a healthy skin barrier (think Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid)! Ingredients that are humectants are great for preventing water loss in your skin and slow down signs of aging!

 Coffee: Irving Farm - located in Millerton, NY

If theres one thing we can't live without, it's coffee. Luckily, this amazing beverage has some skin benefits as well! Coffee grounds make for a great exfoliation to gently remove dead skin cells, which helps to rejuvenate and boost circulation for glowy skin. Coffee is also loaded with caffeine, or caffeic acid, which is an antioxidant. The benefits of this may boost collagen levels and reduce the premature aging of cells. Our favorite way to use this ingredient is in our Coffee and Cream Bar Soap for a gentle exfoliating cleanse. 

We're always looking for new local makers to add to our suppliers, so don't be shy to reach out or recommend your favorite local farms! Also, try to check out some of these makers if you have a chance - the sunflower field at Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is absolutely stunning when the flowers are in bloom! Shopping locally fuels our community, and it only makes sense to indulge and experience the amazing agriculture of the Hudson Valley. What's your favorite element of the Hudson Valley?