Why You Need to Stop Underestimating the Benefits of Clay Masks

Clay masks have been used for thousands of years from civilizations all around the world. Even though this beauty regimen is not a modern concept, it has stood the test of time for a reason. Clay masks help draw out excess oils, manage dry skin, and help to prevent acne. A clay mask can help your skin feel clean and balanced. Here are six reasons to add a clay mask into your skincare routine. 

1. Detoxes Your Skin

Every day your skin comes in contact with dirt, oils, bacteria, and harmful elements in the environment around you. Building an excellent daily skin routine is essential to clear these harmful toxins out of your skin, but by adding a clay mask, you can take it one step further. A clay mask absorbs toxins and impurities and gently cleanses, leaving you with a luminous look. 

2. Brightens Your Skin

Dead skin cells can accumulate, leaving you with a dull, dry complexion. Using clay masks is beneficial for removing excess dry skin from your face and helps to keep those pesky skin cells from building up. With the dead skin cells freshly removed, you are left with a brighter complexion and smoother skin. 

3. Aids in Battle Against Acne

When you have acne-prone skin, a clay mask helps battle those blemishes by removing the acne-causing bacteria and getting your acne under control. It detoxifies your pores by removing the bacteria to help prevent those future breakouts and clearing the surface of your skin. 

4. Balances Your Sebum 

Our skin produces sebum (oil) to help protect it, but sometimes it can produce too much, resulting in acne, blackheads, oily skin, and blemishes. There are other treatments for the overproduction of sebum, but a clay mask can help to draw out the excess oil to help restore a healthy balance to your skin and help protect your skin against external aggregators.

5. Shrinks Pores

Clogged pores are at the root of blemishes and acne, and the trick to preventing acne is to remove and prevent blockages. The absorbent and astringent qualities of using a clay mask help to draw out impurities and relieve congestion in your pores, allowing them to shrink back down to their normal size. 

6. Improves Circulation

Clay masks help boost blood circulation beneath your skin and increase the oxygen circulation of your skin cells. It can help increase collagen production, help your skin heal and regenerate, and give you a more youthful appearance. 

Numerous clay masks available can provide rich benefits, give you a healthy glow, and detoxify your skin. We recommend Hudson Valley Skin Care’s Clarifying Clay Mask, rich with natural ingredients that deep clean while protecting your skin. Clay masks are a powerful product that should be used about twice a week.