Goatham Festival Recap | Hudson Valley Skin Care

Goat Milk is one of our favorite ingredients to use in skincare, and this past weekend we were afforded the opportunity to share Goat Milk’s benefits with our friends in NYC. The Goatham Festival is run by Riverside Park Conservancy, an organization dedicated to keeping Riverside Park clean and free from invasive species of plants. We’re recapping all the highlights from this amazing, goat-filled day.

Riverside Park’s goats, Chico, Cowgirl, Charlie, and Mallomar, have one job; to eat. Goats are known for eating anything and everything, and that is how they spend the majority of their days. Since goats are unaffected by invasive species like Poison Ivy, they are able to snack while simultaneously cleaning up the park. 

We were surprised and elated with the positive response that we received from event goers at Goatham. We absolutely loved sharing our secret to glowing skin with everyone, and we even sold out of our Goat-to Natural Bar Soaps within 20 minutes. At Hudson Valley Skin Care, our goal is always to be as sustainable as possible, so teaming up with Riverside Park Conservancy was a no-brainer.

We ended this fun-filled day with picking the winner of our $100 Gift Basket Raffle winner. Sharing our love of goats was by far our favorite aspect of the day, and we will definitely be attending again next year.

For more behind the scenes action, you can watch our reel recapping the event.